Inter polling engine messaging

The IMS back end includes a feature we're calling “inter polling engine messaging”; in short, it allows any polling engine to query any other polling engine for it's “state”, which might include things like:

  • (if an asset polling engine, e.g. FMS integration) “What assets are you managing?”
  • (if an IP device polling engine, e.g. Motorola AP71xx) “What wireless clients are online at the moment?”

Through the use of this feature we can “compose” more complex polling engines from data that would otherwise be contained within a single polling engines.

Here is an example presently in use by two customers:

  • Motorola RFS is polled, giving information such as
    • root and mesh AP radio performance data and next hops
    • online wireless clients MACs and IPs (and which AP they're associated to)
  • Wenco FMS DB is polled, giving information such as
    • assets locations, RSSI (if Octagon box is used as wireless radio) and age of GPS correction
  • Ping only poller asks for the state of both pollers and composes it as follows:
    • Build a list of RSSIs and GPS correction ages against asset names
    • Build a list of client MACs/IPs and next hop MACs against IP device names
    • Mix that together with the asset-to-IP-device-mapping knowledge from the IMS
    • Export full statistics containing connectivity, latency, RSSI and next hop

The configuration for this needs to be conducted by FTP (as it's quite complex); as an example, here's a configuration for the above situation:

Down the track when we've figured out the best way to simplify the provision and operation of these sorts of compositions I think we'll aim to provide a degree of user-configurability, but for the present, the IMS service model works best with FTP personnel providing support for these sorts of customizations to ensure the customer gets the most value out of the product.