Zones Center Panel

Zones give the ability for users to create, manage and query against a geofence. There are two functions that are available on the Zones tool.

  • Hide/Show Labels - Will show or hide labels on all zones.
  • Create Zone - Starts the process of creating a new zone

The Zones Center Panel provides access to a Site's Zones.

You can also use this panel to change how Zones are displayed on the map.

It contains two tabs, the List Tab and Map Options tab.

Zone List Tab

This tab contains a grouped list of every Zone in the active Site.

Individual Zones can be right clicked to bring up the Context Menu.

Creating a Zone

A zone can be created by clicking the 'New Zone' button. All that's required to create a zone is a name and type of zone. Names of zones must be unique and once a type is set it cannot be changed.

List Filter

Text entered here will be used to filter the list below.

List Item

Each Zone Type is represented as an entry in the Zone List.

Nested inside of each type is a list of Zones.

Left clicking on an Zone in the list will select it, right clicking will open the Context Menu.

Visibility Toggle

Each Zone and Zone Type has a Visibility Toggle.

Toggling an individual Zone will show/hide the Zone on the map.

Toggling a type will automatically show/hide every Zone of that type. Individual Zones within the group can then be toggled as necessary.

Zone Map Options Tab

This tab contains options for changing how Zones are displayed on the map.

Currently the only available option is toggling label visibility.

Zone Types

Static Zone

A static zone is made up of a single shape that is editable at any point on the timeline. It will not display historic changes and is used to represent an area on the map both for visual representation and for use in creating triggers.
NOTE: All zones can be used in triggers.

Variable Zone

A variable zone is made up of shape history points that can be added/edited anywhere on the timeline. Will show it's history as the timeline is scrobbled. Can be useful for showing the growth of an area overtime and for use in creating triggers.

Ignore Stats Zone

An ignore stats zone is used to ignore any metrics gathered in a particular area from IP Devices. These types of zones can only be edited during live mode as their shape changes overtime and cannot be edited in the past. This will prevent new stats from influencing alerts, reports and charts.
IMPORTANT: Any prior metrics will not be ignored and still count towards alerts, reports and charts!

Filter Zone

When a filter zone is created movement stats will start being stored against the filter zone, and will be able to be charted against. These types of zones can only be edited during live mode as changes to their shape do not affect the past. An example usage of this zone would be to create a filter zone around a mine so that you can separately see distance travelled in the mine vs distance travelled overall.
IMPORTANT: The filtering begins from when you create the zone. It does not filter data from before it was created! If you change the zone, the changed shape will only affect data from that moment on.

Editing a Zone

To edit details on a zone you can either left click on a zone and select 'Edit Zone Details' or left click on a zone name in the zone quicklist.


Editing details on a zone will let you edit the zones description


The comments tab provides a way to read and write comments, filtered to this Zone.


This will enable editing mode on the zone allowing you to update its shape. You can move the opaque points by clicking and dragging them. Moving the transparent points will add another point to the shape of the zone.