Manually Moving Trailers and Static Map Elements

This tutorial will show you how to update the location of a semi-mobile asset on the map page. Semi-mobile assets are trailers and lighting plants etc.

  1. With “LIVE” mode selected, right click on the asset you want to move and select “Update Location”. This will open up a new window to update the location of an asset.
  2. By clicking on the icon, you can pick a location by clicking on the map, this will add a blue dot to the select location. Alternatively, you can enter a latitude and longitude directly in the input boxes.
  3. Select a time to add this new location for by clicking on the input boxes, or press the icon to update the selected time to your current time.
  4. When the correct timestamp and location have been selected, press “Confirm” and the asset will update to the new location at that point in time.