• Get Link to Current View
    • This will copy a link to your clipboard. You can send this link to someone else who has access to the IMS and it will duplicate the following in their browser.
      • Selected time
      • Camera position
      • Selected site
      • Selected view
  • Generate KMZ
    • This will start the generation of a KMZ file of your current view of the map. When the generation is complete it will download to your computer where you may open it with your favourite GIS program, for example, Google Earth.
Mine Site Selector

If you have multiple sites to manage, this allows you to select the active site.

View Selector

This allows you to switch views. Views are pluggable modules that allow application-specific visualisation of your data.

Timezone Selector

This displays your current timezone and allows you to click it to toggle between the site timezone and your local timezone.

  • This displays the current user logged into the Wireless Manager
  • Logout
    • This will log the current user out of the Wireless Manager
  • Change Password
    • This allows you to alter the password of a local IMS-only account.
    • Your password must meet all of the listed requirements.
    • NOTE: This does not allow you to change the password of an AD/LDAP account.
Saving Indicators

Alerting Triggers

The Alerting Triggers panel displays 10 of the most recent alerts.

  • Alert badge
    • Alert badge is located adjacent from the panel header where it will contain the number of active alerts. The colour of the badge indicates the number of active alerts. The alert badge will pulse when there are active alerts.
      • Red: 10 or more active alerts
      • Amber: 5 or less active alerts
  • Selecting an alerting trigger
    • Selecting an alerting trigger will display the trigger modal (see: Triggers)
  • Alerting trigger heading buttons
    • The buttons in an alerting trigger heading are (from left to right) 'Acknowledge', 'Snooze', 'Disable'. These have the same functionality as in the triggers UI (see: Triggers)

The Comments panel displays posted comments in the last 24 hours.