Time Slide Bar

The time slide bar allows the user to stream through past data and visual past events. The slider contains 30 mins of data with the ability to navigate through the past three months worth of data.
(Note* if the tool hasn't been installed at your site for longer than three months, it will only be able to pull data that has been collected from time/date of integration)


The user is able to pause, play, play at 2x,4x,6x up to 32x speed. The user can also quickly load the previous 30 mins of data using the arrow icons located on the far left and far right of the time slide bar.

The user can load a specific 30 mins of data from the past three months. This is completed by clicking on the date on bottom left corner of the screen. From there the user can play, pause and speed up the time bar as required and can quickly load the 30 mins of data either side of the current window of data. The user can continually load the next 30 mins of data either side of the current data loaded in the time bar.

The Live button takes you back to the latest data.

This video is a demonstration of how the Time Slide bar works.