Report Page

Reports are periodic tasks that take a Dashboard Tab laid out in a print-friendly format, converted to PDF and emailed to a list of recipients.

The reports page shows all of the logged in user's active and inactive reports. If you are an IMS administrator, you will be able to see reports owned by all users.

Each report row has an Actions column, used for the high level management of the report.

  • Enable / Disable
    • When a report is enabled it will run when next scheduled.
  • Run Now / Cancel Run
    • When a report is set to Run Now, the background scheduler will run the report as soon as possible. When this button is in the on state, the Enable / Disable state is ignored.
  • Dashboard
    • Pan to the Dashboard and open the Dashboard Tab selected in the report.
  • Preview
    • Open the print-friendly version of the Dashboard Tab that will be converted to a PDF during report execution.
  • Copy
    • Makes a copy of an existing report.
  • Delete
    • Permanently deletes the report.

Each report is represented by a row. Clicking on the report's name will open the editor panel where the user can edit the low level details.

  • Name
  • Description
  • Dashboard Tab
    • The owner of the report must be the same user as the owner of the dashboard tab
  • Schedule Report
    • Once
    • Hourly
    • 12 Hours
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Same day every month
    • Last day of every month
  • Schedule Time Zone
    • When scheduling an event with a specific wall clock time, e.g. 12:00, it's important to take into account the desired time zone. This will default to the site's timezone, if one is set, otherwise this value will default to the browser's timezone.
  • Schedule Start
    • The earliest time the report can run. This timestamp is combined with the Schedule Report field to calculate the future run times for the report.
  • Schedule End
    • The latest acceptable run time for the report, but not necessarily the last run time for the report.
    • The final run time is calculated by combining the Schedule Report, Schedule Start and Schedule End settings.
  • Send Report Direct To Emails
    • This list of email addresses will receive the generated report.