Centre Pane

The centre pane contains a set of panels based on the current view, as well as some controls that are always present:

  • Change Panes Button
  • Help Button
  • Time Controls
  • Center Collapse Button

Undocking / Docking panels

Each panel in the centre has the ability to be undocked and docked back in, allowing you to move them around the application as required.

To undock a panel click the undock button: .

To dock the panel back in you can;

  • Click the dock button on the panel
  • Click the faded icon in the center pane for the panel you'd like to dock.
  • Drag the panel into the center and drop it on the area marked with the dock symbol.

Once a panel is undocked you can drag and drop it to place it around the page. In addition you can also drag it between pages of the application by simply dragging it to the far edge of the centre panel.