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The Heatmap tool shades areas of the Map based on a statistic.

The Heatmap displays an overlay of multiple dots merged together to make averages. Each dot is a reference, displaying a capture of information from the SME perspective (generally Haul Trucks). Ignored stats or hidden devices are not included in this capture. It is then plotted on the map with varying colour codes dependant of the quality of the metric. Each colour code is specific to a metric being displayed. Below are the different metrics/heatmaps and their relevant colour codes.

  • Connectivity
    • Green - 100% Connectivity
    • Yellow - 50-99% Connectivity
    • Orange - 1-49% Connectivity
    • Red - 0% Connectivity
  • Latency
    • Green - ≤ 50ms
    • Orange - 51ms to 99ms
    • Red - ≥ 100ms
  • Noise - gradient
    • Green - ≥ -95dBm
    • Yellow - -76dBm to -94dBm
    • Red - ≤ -75dBm
  • RSSI (received signal strength indicator) - gradient
    • Green - ≥ -75dBm
    • to
    • Yellow -80
    • to
    • Red - ≤ -85dBm
  • Tx Rate - gradient
    • Green - ≥ 36 Mbps
    • Yellow - 2-35 Mbps
    • Red - ≤ 1 Mbps
  • Rx Rate - gradient
    • Green - ≥ 36 Mbps
    • Yellow - 2-35 Mbps
    • Red - ≤ 1 Mbps
  • Connected AP
    • This is a special kind of heat map. It is coloured by the IP Device that the Asset is connected to at a given location. When generating this heat map the colouring of the Assets will also be changed to represent their primary IP Device (IP Device selected as 'IP Device to display on map').

Heatmap Options

Filter By

  • Filter by IP device type
    • Will only generate heat map data for the selected IP device type.
  • Selected
    • Will only generate heat map data for the selected items. Zone's do not work but will be filtered against when this option is selected.


  • Ignored
    • Will include ignored statistics when generating the heat map data.
  • Hidden
    • Will include any hidden Assets when generating the heat map data.

Heatmap Use

To toggle the heat map on/off and between different heat maps, this is completed by selecting the Heatmap drop down box. This is situated in the bottom left hand corner inside the Map Options menu.

You can select the aggregation type. If there are multiple data points in a single heat map grid square you can choose for the average, maximum or minimum value to be used when rendering this grid square.

It will then show a heatmap of the selected metric from all the Assets that contribute stats, like so:

Zooming in on the area makes these colours more obvious, like so:  Heatmap Zoomed