Device Log

The Device Log is used to show Syslog (after parsing) and SNMP traps (after mapping in any MIB data).

The information can be sorted by clicking on a column header. It can also be filtered by typing into the filter bar at the top of the pane or by pressing the circular filter icon in the bottom right of the pane (for more advanced filters).

Any MAC addresses or IP addresses appearing in “Log Text” that are known to this IMS instance will be clickable.

An example of Syslog data is as follows:

An example of SNMP trap data is as follows:

Triggers can be built to look for complete or partial string matches that appear in the “Log Text” (see Trigger Page); example as follows:

NOTE: The “ignore same value” checkbox should be unchecked if you want the trigger to be in the alerted state for each occurrence of the trigger string.