Assets Center Panel

The Assets Center Panel provides quick access to a site's Assets.

You can also use this panel to change how Assets are displayed on the map.

It contains two tabs, the List Tab and Map Options tab.

Asset List Tab

This tab contains a grouped list of every Asset in the active Site.

Nested inside of each Asset are its IP Devices.

Individual Assets and IP Devices can also be right clicked to bring up the Context Menu.

List Filter

Text entered here will be used to filter the list below.

Grouping Options

Use this dropdown to group the list below by different categories.

List Item

Each Asset grouping is represented as an entry in the Asset List.

Nested inside of each grouping is a list of Assets.

Inside of each Asset is a list of IP Devices.

Left clicking on an Asset or IP Device in the list will select it, right clicking will open the Context Menu

IP Devices that are currently ignoring stats are represented with a strike-through.

Visibility Toggle

Each Asset and grouping has a Visibility Toggle.

Toggling an individual Asset will show/hide the Asset on the map.

Toggling a group will automatically show/hide every Asset nested in the group. Individual Assets within the group can then be show/hidden as necessary.

Asset Map Options Tab

This tab contains various options for changing how Assets are displayed on the map.

  • Asset Colouring
    • Colour By
      • Set the metric that will be used to colour assets.
    • Aggregate Data By
      • There may be many stats for an asset at a certain time. Sets the function used to combine all stats into a single value which will then be used to colour assets.
    • Include Ignored Stats
      • Include stats from IP devices that have been set to ignore stats mode.
  • Asset Visibility
    • Labels
      • Show or hide labels for assets.
    • Show Offline
      • Show or hide asset circles based on their mobility.
    • IP Device Indicators
      • Show or hide IP Device indicators.
  • Connections
    • Colour By
      • Sets the metric used to colour connection lines.
    • Visible Radios
      • Sets the type of radios that will have connection lines drawn.