Activity Tab

We define activity as a change in the item, for example, changing a text field or changing the state of the object. Following is a list of item types for which IMS tracks activity:

  • Incidents
    • All fields are tracked
  • Assets
    • All fields are tracked
  • IP Devices
    • All fields are tracked
  • Triggers

Auto refresh

When auto refresh is active the activity log will refresh every 10 seconds,

Activity Comments

Activity Action
Activity action types are listed below

  • Updated
  • Created
  • Deleted
  • Restored
  • Archived
  • Unarchived

Activity Filtering

Activity filters include

  • Username
    • Username of the user that applied the change.
  • Source
    • The source of where the change was made
      • All
      • Triggers
      • Assets
      • IP Devices
      • Tickets
      • Zones
  • Type
    • There are three types of activity
      • All - Comments and Action
      • Comments
      • Action - change in the item
  • Timestamp after
  • Timestamp before