Colours are used to represent the state of availability or connectivity.

Generally speaking the colours depict good and bad, but they will have different thresholds for different asset groups, as well as for some views and graphs.

The Availability Table's colours represent:

  • Green - greater than 95% connectivity
  • Red - less than 95% connectivity

 Availability Table

The Asset Colours on the map represent:

  • Green - 100% connectivity
  • Yellow - 50-99% connectivity
  • Orange - 1-49% connectivity
  • Red - 0% connectivity
  • White - Offline

 Asset Colours

Connection Links colours are a gradient based on RSSI. They are:

  • 100% Green when RSSI is equal to or greater than -70dBm
  • Between green and red when RSSI is between -84dBm and -71dBm
  • 100% Red when RSSI is less than or equal to -85dBm

 Link Colours